Manual and automatic storm tracking

Using proven storm tracking technology pioneered by WxWorx’s parent company years ago, Mobile Threat Net allows you to track inclement weather conditions using either drag-and-drop manual storm tracking, or automatic storm tracking based on precision analysis.

Learn more about Severe Weather Storm Tracks.

Go local with street-level mapping

Mobile Threat Net’s localized mapping database provides total flexibility when making any map movements. Out of the box, the system displays major highways and Interstates, along with community names. The optional City Streets® plug-in module goes the extra mile by displaying local roadways in your choice of county.

GPS compatibility helps track your position

The third generation WxWorx receiver has streamlined operations by integrating a GPS module directly into the receiver, which allows the display to show your vehicle in context to surrounding weather conditions. The map can be configured to scroll automatically, keeping your position in the center of the display at all times.

If you are still using the first or second generation receivers, connecting a GPS device to your computer allows you to track your vehicle’s position in real-time on the weather map.

Get a complete picture with data overlays

The Mobile Threat Net interface allows users to simultaneously overlay multiple data products on the map, including radar, echo tops, satellite imagery, lightning, storm tracks and more, delivering comprehensive weather analysis and total situational awareness. In addition, lapsing the data allows you to get a comprehensive picture of a storm’s development and movement.

Easy, intuitive operation frees up time and focus

Keep your mind on the task at hand, not figuring out your software. Mobile Threat Net features a streamlined interface that belies the software’s true complexity, with point-and-click map controls that enable instant pans and zooms into areas of interest. During the intensity of storm spotting or a high-speed tornado chase, speed and ease of use are paramount. With Mobile Threat Net, one click is all it takes to activate data products. Map movements are typically complete in two clicks.

Stay on track with AutoTrak® technology

Built-in AutoTrac functionality combines GPS with Mobile Threat Net’s powerful storm tracking to provide audible alerts, notifying you when your path is projected to intersect with severe weather.