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WxWorx on Water Incorporates AIS Technology PDF Print E-mail
November 09, 2010

WxWorx on Water has incorporated AIS technology to further increase the safety features as well as expand the practical, day-to-day applications of this product.  AIS or Automatic Identification System is an automated tracking system whereby data, including ship identification, position, course, and speed, is exchanged between watercraft. Simply click on a ship on your screen to learn more about the vessels in your immediate area. This information is essential in helping boaters avoid collision in poor weather and in heavily trafficked areas. 


“Introducing AIS capabilities to the software package seemed to be a natural extension of the product and a perfect combination of weather and situational awareness,” stated Bob Baron, President and CEO of Baron Services.  “Safety is one of our primary goals and having access to AIS data increases the safety parameters for everyone on the water every day, regardless of the weather conditions.”


In addition to the AIS technology, the WxWorx upgrade has also added other features including moon phases and tidal data all under a more streamlined look with easier customer usability.  Moon phases are easily accessed by clicking the Sunrise/Sunset button.  Open the tidal information by clicking the Tides button and then selecting the icon in the region in which you are interested.  Tidal data must be updated annually through a free download available on the WxWorx website.  Downloads for 2011 tidal data will be available in November 2010. 


In order to both transmit and receive AIS data, your boat must be equipped with compatible transmission and receiver equipment.  This equipment is not included with your WxWorx on Water subscription. 


Every captain, from the occasional weekend skipper to the lifelong boater, can benefit every day from having AIS on board. In good weather or in poor visibility conditions, the ability to see the speed and course of the vessels in your vicinity is paramount to ensuring both your safety and that of those around you. 


About WxWorx

WxWorx (pronounced “Weather Works”) belongs to the Baron Services group of companies.
Founded by a meteorologist, Baron developed the original technology that first allowed TV meteorologists to zoom into specific neighborhoods and pinpoint the storms’ arrival times—a ground-breaking achievement that has resulted in safer, more informed communities. The 3D storm tracking, powerful Doppler radar and advanced forecast modeling that followed further established our reputation for innovation and accuracy. When Baron teamed with XM Satellite Radio to provide satellite-delivered weather data to pilots, boaters, emergency management officials and storm chasers, the WxWorx division was formed to apply our weather know-how to those mobile environments. The results speak for themselves. Powered by Baron, WxWorx technology can be found today in thousands of planes, boats and vehicles equipped with XM WX Satellite Weather.