XM WX Releases a New Data Product to Help Mariners Locate Fish
February 14, 2007

XM WX Satellite Weather unveiled a brand new fish location product (fish forecast) for visitors at the Miami International Boat show today.  The fish forecast is an additional feature of the XM WX Satellite Weather Master Mariner package and works as an analysis tool to help anglers find optimal locations for specific species of fish.  XM WX now contains the unique combination of real-time weather information and an innovative fish location analysis to deliver the convenience of sea conditions, fishing conditions and weather conditions all in one easy to interpret, site-specific tool.


Fish Forecast Depicts Favorable Location

The same innovative mobile weather service that changed the way mariners receive weather information on their boat is now changing the way anglers locate fish. In order to locate these optimal fishing locations, several elements must be analyzed.  An in-depth analysis is performed considering fourteen parameters to determine the most favorable location of specific fish species including the latitude and longitude coordinates. The fish
location model employs several sources, including Bathymetry, thermal front locations (rip), Sea Surface Temperature, Salinity, Turbidity, Sea State, Chlorophyll, and numerous other important fish-specific considerations providing anglers with optimal locations to find certain species of fish.  This comprehensive list of parameters is very similar to the analysis parameters used by several popular fish forecasting services. 

“The XM WX service is truly a unique product because not only are we able to provide comprehensive weather data, we are now able to let boaters know where the optimal fishing conditions are for specific species of fish,” Roderick MacKenzie, vice president of advanced applications for XM said. “With this unique combination, mariners will be able to maximize their time on the water.”

Name the Product and Win an XM Radio

XM WX is partnering with the consumer, asking for suggestions to determine an official name for the fish forecast product at the Miami International Boat Show in the XM WX Weather booth (# 1691).  All those who submit a suggestion will be entered in to a daily drawing to win a free RoadyXT® XM radio receiver complete with one (1) month of over 170 channels of XM audio programming and $0 activation fee.  A drawing will be held each day in the XM WX booth for the daily winner of a Roady XT and XM service. See the XM WX booth at the Miami show for complete details. Final naming of the fish forecast service will be announced at a later date.

About XM WX Satellite Weather

XM WX Satellite Weather is a comprehensive graphical weather data service offered by XM Satellite Radio and WxWorx Inc., an affiliate of Baron Services (the nation's leading provider of analytical weather services to the TV broadcast and emergency management industries). XM WX sets the new standard for provision of much-needed weather information to mobile markets, with a comprehensive offering of weather products presenting precipitation, wind, lightning, visibility, sea conditions, hazardous weather data and more to the aviation, marine and emergency response markets. The combination of more detailed and comprehensive weather data, continuous satellite delivery and exceptional coverage anywhere within the continental United States and neighboring waters is simply unmatched. For additional information about XM WX, visit http://www.XMWXweather.com.