A New Fish Forecast, Canadian Weather Data, and Forecasted Weather Products Add Exceptional Value to XM WX Satellite Weather
February 14, 2007

XM WX Satellite Weather today unveiled a significant expansion of the XM WX Satellite Weather data service at the Miami International Boat Show. The expansion includes new Canadian weather data, extended forecast data products and a new fish forecasting tool that enables anglers to find optimal locations for specific species of fish.  The addition of these data products provide XM WX Master Mariner package subscribers with the most powerful, yet cost-effective weather solution available to boaters.


Increased Planning and Situational Awareness with Forecasted Products

Seven new XM WX Satellite Weather forecast data products unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show (XM WX Booth # 1691) include extended forecasts for:  Wave Period, Wave Height, Wave Direction, Surface Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Visibility all supplied in 12, 24, and 36 hour increments.  The newly added forecast information is now a standard part of the Master Mariner service package available for $49.99 a month, and supplements the existing Surface Analysis Weather Maps and City Forecasts. This new information increases situational awareness, enabling boaters to be better prepared for any weather situation they may encounter and to react accordingly.

“Situational and environmental awareness is important out on the water,” said Roderick MacKenzie, vice president of advanced applications and services, XM.  “Boaters not only need to know current weather situations, but also what the weather conditions will be over the next several hours or days.  The addition of the new data products conveys XM WX Satellite Weather’s continuing commitment to providing the most comprehensive weather data service at the best value to its customers.”

New Canadian Marine Data Added

XM WX has also further increased the number of data products offered by adding Canadian weather and surface conditions for U.S. subscribers.  The new Canadian data products include High-Resolution Radar, Canadian Marine Zone Forecasts, Canadian Buoys, and Canadian Surface Conditions. Additionally, the new forecasted conditions for Surface Pressure, Wind Speed and Direction, Wave Period, Height, and Direction have been added to the Canadian data. All Canadian data products are also included within the Master Mariner service package. 

Fish Forecast Depicts Favorable Location

Brand new and an exciting addition to the XM WX service, a fish forecasting tool that enables anglers to find optimal locations for specific species of fish.  An in-depth analysis is performed considering fourteen parameters to determine the most favorable location of specific fish species including the latitude and longitude coordinates. The fish location model employs several sources, including Bathymetry, thermal front locations (rip), Sea Surface Temperature, Salinity, Turbidity, Sea State, Chlorophyll, and numerous other important fish-specific considerations providing anglers with optimal locations to find certain species of fish. The fish forecast product will be added to the Master Mariner service package.

About XM WX Satellite Weather

XM WX Satellite Weather is a comprehensive graphical weather data service offered by XM Satellite Radio and WxWorx Inc., an affiliate of Baron Services (the nation's leading provider of analytical weather services to the TV broadcast and emergency management industries). XM WX sets the new standard for provision of much-needed weather information to mobile markets, with a comprehensive offering of weather products presenting precipitation, wind, lightning, visibility, sea conditions, hazardous weather data and more to the aviation, marine and emergency response markets. The combination of more detailed and comprehensive weather data, continuous satellite delivery and exceptional coverage anywhere within the continental United States and neighboring waters is simply unmatched. For additional information about XM WX, visit http://www.XMWXweather.com.