Baron’s Mobile Threat Net Named Product of the Year for Fifth Consecutive Year by National Storm Chaser Convention
February 24, 2008

For the fifth year in a row, Baron Services is pleased to announce that its Mobile Threat Net® system has been named Product of the Year by the National Storm Chaser Convention. An innovative way to access vital weather conditions while in the field, the system obtained this recognition just as new products were announced for Mobile Threat Net users. Held annually in Denver, Colo., the National Storm Chaser Convention provides a platform for weather enthusiasts to trade stories and share their passion for the most advanced technologies in weather detection and analysis.


Widely used by emergency management agencies, Mobile Threat Net is an ideal addition to the storm chaser’s arsenal, because it provides capabilities like radar display, storm tracking, current conditions, hurricane tracking and more in a truly mobile fashion. The data is transmitted over powerful XM dual redundant S-band satellites and is available throughout the U.S. and its neighboring waters. The S-band wavelength means that Mobile Threat Net will not lose its signal, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.


 The equipment needed to harness this capability—an XM WX receiver, antenna, and software from Baron Services, coupled with the user’s own Microsoft Windows based display device, such as a laptop computer—can be used in any vehicle. A small footprint and flexible design ensure ease of use and complete portability. In order to receive and display the XM WX data, a subscription to the XM WX weather data service is required.


“It is remarkable to receive this type of recognition for the fifth consecutive year,” said Bob Baron, president and CEO, for Baron Services. “This year we made several improvements to the system through the addition of new data products and the release of an updated receiver. Our customers provide us with a great deal of feedback, and we often implement their suggestions into Mobile Threat Net.”


In October, the company released a new receiver for use with the Mobile Threat Net system. The device, capable of receiving continuously updated graphical weather data, as well as a variety of optional programming on XM Radio, comes complete with a variety of connectivity options, greater capability and a smaller, compact design.


The device features options for both high-powered wireless “Bluetooth” connectivity, as well as wired connectivity. The receiver’s updated capabilities for wired connectivity include:

• Ethernet Module (supplies power to the receiver when using a Power-Over-Ethernet connection)
• Serial (RS-232) Module
•  USB Module (supplies power to the receiver when using a USB connection)
The USB and Ethernet Modules enable the system to run without a power cable, streamlining set-up and reducing clutter.


Mobile Threat Net’s Responder data service package now contains Storm Prediction Center outlooks for day one including Wind, Hail, and Tornado threats, as well as Mesoscale Discussions. Using optional GPS connectivity, chasers can easily identify their precise location in relation to impending weather conditions.


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About Baron Services
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