Baron Provides Sixth Grade Students with Valuable Weather Tool in the Classroom
November 12, 2008

How do you get sixth grade students interested in learning about stationary fronts, modeling a vortex and the creation of wind? With a really enthusiastic teacher and Baron’s Threat Net® Plus weather system.


In support of the state’s Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI), Owens Elementary School’s sixth grade students have spent their first semester immersed in the study of weather systems and how they are created utilizing Baron Services’ Threat Net Plus technology. The system, which transforms any PC into a full-featured weather resource center, enables students to view radar data, track storms and even observe ocean currents.


Whether students are studying severe weather data, rainfall accumulations or sea-state conditions like wave heights and sea surface temperatures, the system is a valuable classroom resource. “It fits perfectly with our sixth grade continuum of skills in science and has been a fantastic teaching tool,” said Marla Williams, sixth grade teacher at Owens Elementary School, part of the Limestone County School System. “My students have become so familiar with the program that they call out when they notice wind shear pop up on the screen.”


Teachers and school systems across the country are exploring ways to better-engage students in the core subject of science, and applying innovative technology in the classroom is a great way to peak students’ interest. “The use of Threat Net Plus has been an unbelievable success in my classroom,” said Williams. “This program has created such an interest in meteorology among my students, simply because they are exposed to it daily.”


Threat Net Plus systems are used by schools, hospitals, fire departments, rescue squads, police stations and emergency management agencies to view and track severe weather systems down to street level. Internet-based data delivery ensures reliable data transmission and nationwide mapping depicts states, counties and cities. Complete with Baron’s patented storm tracking technology and estimated time of arrival in local communities, Threat Net Plus is chosen for its accuracy and its effortless, intuitive controls.


About Baron Services

Baron Services is a pioneer in sophisticated weather analysis and technology and a globally recognized industry leader in delivering technology for the communication of significant weather events. It offers a wide range of weather solutions and owns numerous weather technology patents. The company delivers cutting-edge radar systems, advanced forecast modeling, mobile weather analysis and localized weather displays. Operating primarily from Huntsville, Alabama, with offices in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Florida, Baron Services includes five specialized divisions that continue to advance the weather industry by providing systems engineered to save both lives and property. The company has, to date, installed all broadcast dual-polarimetric radars in the world.