More Data, Better Value Enriches Aviator Data Package
July 27, 2008

XM WX Satellite Weather’s Aviator data package has just been enhanced with three new weather data products including air reports (AIREPS), pilot reports (PIREPS) and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Aviation Weather Watches, at no additional charge. The new products enhance pilot’s situational awareness by providing detailed information about flight conditions experienced by other pilots and aircraft.


“Customers have expressed a strong desire to have these new data products on board,” said Roderick Mackenzie, vice president, advanced applications for XM Satellite Radio. “Having this additional data in flight, will greatly increase a pilot’s understanding of the conditions that lie ahead, improving their situational awareness in flight” he said.

The Aviator package now includes the following vital weather data in addition to products currently offered within the Aviator LT and Aviator data packages:


Identifying icing, turbulence, winds, temperature, sky cover and other weather phenomena at altitude, PIREPs provide inflight advisories and weather avoidance information en route to aircraft. The PIREP data product also includes the location, time and altitude of the observation, as well as the type of aircraft.


An AIREP supplies a positional, operational and meteorological report from an aircraft inflight. Providing enhanced situational awareness to pilots, these reports include aircraft observations of winds, outside air temperature, present weather, turbulence, clouds, D-value and icing at altitude. Additionally, the AIREPS data product includes the location, time and altitude of the observation, as well as the type of aircraft.

SPC Aviation Weather Watch:

The SPC Aviation Weather Watch is issued by the National Weather Service. The Aviation Weather Watch is issued for affected locations whenever conditions become favorable for development of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes.

The Aviator data package, available for only $49.99 per month, is an exceptional value. In addition to the AIREPS, PIREPS and Weather Watch products just announced for the Aviator package, the package also includes High Resolution NEXRAD Radar, Satellite Mosaic, Severe Weather Storm Tracks, Lightning, Winds Aloft and much more.

In order to receive and display the XM WX data, pilots must have a subscription to the XM WX service, as well as an XM WX capable receiver, antenna and electronic display monitor. The XM WX Satellite Weather system was designed to be flexible, allowing pilots the option of a wide range of hardware solutions including glass cockpits, Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) and portable devices, such as laptop PCs or Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs). An additional XM Satellite Radio subscription is required to enjoy XM music programming.

These new enhancements to the XM WX Aviator package will be on display at booth 3030-3032 during EAA AirVenture 2008. For more information on XM WX Satellite Weather, please visit

About XM WX Satellite Weather

XM WX Satellite Weather is a comprehensive graphical weather data service offered by XM Satellite Radio and WxWorx Inc., an affiliate of Baron Services (the nation's leading provider of analytical weather services to the TV broadcast and emergency management industries). XM WX sets the new standard for provision of much-needed weather information to mobile markets, with a comprehensive offering of weather products presenting precipitation, wind, lightning, visibility, sea conditions, hazardous weather data and more to the aviation, marine and emergency response markets. The combination of more detailed and comprehensive weather data, continuous satellite delivery and exceptional coverage anywhere within the continental United States and neighboring waters is simply unmatched. For additional information about XM WX, visit