Tour the New Mobile Link Configuration Pages Print
August 02, 2012

The new version 2.2 firmware update for the Baron Mobile Link is the most significant to date. The upgrades include connectivity for up to four mobile devices at one time – something users have been asking for ever since the Mobile Link was introduced. Now pilot, co-pilot and passengers can all get XMWX weather data on their tablets or phones at the same time.

Other new features will help consumers interact with the Mobile Link more easily. There are new user-friendly interfaces for the Admin Panel and Radio Status pages. Accessed via the web browser, both pages have the same functionality as before, but are much simpler to navigate.

The new XM Status Panel refreshes the information every five seconds to give dynamic current updates. Verify your signal status and radio ID at a glance, and have all the pertinent facts at hand if you need to contact customer support.

The Mobile Link Configuration Page has a wealth of information about the status of the device itself. Under Device Configuration you can change the name of your Mobile Link Wi-Fi connection to something personally identifiable or memorable. Just enter your network name in the Wireless SSID box and click Update SSID.

The Radio Connection drop-down option allows for alternative connectivity from the WxWorx data receiver to the Mobile Link. The serial connection option should be used with the Heads Up Technologies XMD-076 receiver, and the USB option is for connectivity to a WxWorx receiver.

Obviously, you’ll use the Firmware Update section when an update is available. Prior to logging into the Mobile Link Configuration Panel, you will need to go to the WxWorx support page and download the firmware update file. Then when you log into the Mobile Link, the gray button will say Choose File. You select the firmware update file, and upload it using the instruction found on the support site.

The Memory and Storage sections in the Information box pertain to the Mobile Link, and are for informational purposes only. They should never be maxed out, but if they are, contact technical support.

The Hostname and Uptime fields are also primarily informational. The Uptime field has an indicator of the number of users on the Mobile Link network, and may be used to confirm the connectivity of multiple mobile devices.

Not only has the Radio Status page gotten a facelift, but to further improve the usability of the Mobile Link, you can now create a shortcut on your device home screen. This lets you quickly reach the Radio Status page simply by tapping an icon on the home screen (below).

To download and install the new firmware update, you must log into the Baron site. Instructions and a tutorial video are provided to make the process easy. Once the firmware 2.2 update is installed, it will be easier to get future firmware updates through the new interface.