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July 26, 2011

WxWorx is pleased to announce the addition of High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) to the XM WX Satellite Weather data stream, as part of the Master Mariner data package.

The new SST data product provides 2km resolution, allowing important details like breaks and eddies to be more easily resolved. Anglers will now have a more complete understanding of potential fishing hot spots.

Additionally, more detailed data has allowed us to provide better accuracy. For example, data voids caused by cloud obscuration and missed satellite passes are a thing of the past; the 2km sea temps are derived from multiple satellite sources, and use mathematical weather models of the atmosphere and oceans to predict missing SST values.

It’s like filling in the holes, only with some serious math. In fact, our mathematical SST analyses are based on algorithms and data from several sources, including the US Navy, NASA, and NOAA, so XM WX customers get the highest resolution available, as well as the most complete and accurate depiction of sea surface temperatures.

Here are a couple of comparison shots showing the difference you can expect. In these images, we’ve used the pixel query feature in WxWorx on Water to depict SST values at various locations.

Now, assuming you’re a Master Mariner subscriber, how can you get this? Currently, the High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperatures data is supported by the WxWorx on Water (ver. 1.45) software for PCs. A new update patch has just been made available for free download, so if you’re a customer, head over to the Downloads page when you’re finished reading this to get the update.

Of course, users whose devices do not currently support the new data product don’t have anything to worry about—the previous SST dataset will still be included in the XM WX stream.

We hope you enjoy using the enhanced data product. At WxWorx, we’re always striving to improve the weather data we provide to the XM WX Satellite Weather service, and this is a great example of that. If you’ve got any questions about the new SST data, feel free to use our social media pages to let us know.

The WxWorx Team