Onboard the Liberty Belle Print
March 16, 2011

Late last week, the Liberty Foundation flew its Liberty Belle B-17 bomber into the Madison Co. Executive Airport near Meridianville, AL, for a public exhibition, along with their most recent addition, a restored P-40 “Warhawk”.

We’ve worked with the Tulsa-based Liberty Foundation in the past, supplying an XM WX Satellite Weather datalink feed for use onboard the bomber as it travels between destinations. The crew uses compatible Garmin devices running on the XM Weather signal to pinpoint winds that will enable more fuel-efficient flying. Additionally, due to the historical significance of the two aircraft, Liberty Foundation personnel try to avoid flying in inclement weather conditions, so the improved situational awareness provided by the service is of great benefit.

A great sunset view of the P-40 Warhawk...

More information on the restored B-17 and P-40 planes, including a list of scheduled stops, is available at the Liberty Foundation's website, www.libertyfoundation.org.