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Cirrus Rides Jet Stream To Record PDF Print E-mail
March 21, 2011


"The XM weather system helped me find the best winds, and the efficient turbocharged engine allowed me to cruise on less than 17 gallons per hour at over 270 knots," said Beitler. "At that speed, our offices in L.A. and Phoenix are only an hour and eleven minutes apart." Read Full Article

Bob Baron Changing The Way You Fly PDF Print E-mail
July 26, 2010

Pilot Mag

bob_baron_skyNovember 15, 1989 was a day that many in Huntsville, Ala., would like to forget. It brought the deadliest tornado in Huntsville's history -- killing 21, injuring 463 and inflicting $100 million in damage. Barreling down some of the city's busiest streets and most populated areas during afternoon rush hour, the twister packed wind speeds between 207 mph and 260 mph. Read Full Article

Chasing The Golden Hour PDF Print E-mail
June 15, 2010

rotorcraftprocoverRotorcraft Professional

There are two main threats to EMS helicopter pilots - weather and darkness, but this really shouldn't come as a surprise. In 1988, the National Transportation Safety Board investigated 59 helicopter emergency medical services accidents and concluded that low visibility, often caused by poor weather conditions accounted for 61% of all crashes. Since then, little has changed. Read Full Article

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