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Flying with XM WX - Neat stuff. PDF Print E-mail
March 31, 2007


The official name is XM WX Satellite Weather. Most pilots just call it XM Weather. Read Full Article

Left Seat March 2007: Navigating by XM Weather PDF Print E-mail
February 28, 2007


When the first satellite weather receiver was installed in my Baron several years ago the local FAA inspectors insisted that the radio shop put a placard near the display commanding that “Satellite Weather Information Not To Be Used For IFR Navigation” before they would approve the system. Read Full Article

Gear: XM WX Satellite Weather PDF Print E-mail
November 30, 2006


Every boater who points his bow outside the inlet wants to be as tuned into the weather as possible. The new comprehensive weather information service called XM WX Satellite Weather lets you get detailed information via satellite anywhere in the world. Read Full Article

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