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Newest AV8OR gives users a bigger screen and more data PDF Print E-mail
December 31, 2009

av8or_aceAviation International News

Honeywell’s Bendix/King division released its newest AV8OR Ace portable GPS at EAA AirVenture in late July, exactly a year after unveiling the first in the AV8OR Handheld series. The Ace features a much larger screen and geo-referenced IFR approach charts, as well as a full-featured automotive navigator, all for the relatively low price of $1,999 (street prices are less than $1,800). Read Full Article

Weather Services in the NextGen Era PDF Print E-mail
November 27, 2009


Aviation International News

The focus of the NextGen Air Transportation System has largely been on the development of satellite-based navigation systems, trajectory-based operations and the various technologies that will form the underlying structure of the nation’s future ATC system. Read Full Article

The Eyes In The Sky PDF Print E-mail
October 31, 2009

the_eyes_in_the_sky_piper_ownerPiper Owner

Today's satellites and technologies not only keep pilots safer, but they also greatly improve flight plans, saving pilots money in the long run. Read Full Article

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