About Us


As a Baron company, the foundation of WxWorx’ technological beginnings originate from the aftermath of a deadly tornado outbreak in 1989. The tragedy gave the founding members focus and determination to increase weather awareness by emphasizing accuracy. Since then, WxWorx and its sister companies have grown by leaps and bounds. As the consumer services arm of Baron Services, WxWorx revolutionized the way pilot’s fly when the company brought near real-time weather data to the cockpit through a partnership with XM Satellite Radio. The award-winning service, XM WX Satellite Weather, has been wildly successful in the aviation and marine industries. Today, WxWorx technology is included as a standard option in over 90% of all airframes produced in the United States. In addition, thousands more pilots, boaters, anglers, emergency responders and storm chasers benefit from satellite-delivered weather accuracy provided by XM WX and WxWorx.

Together WxWorx and XM Satellite Radio brought to market XM WX Satellite Weather. WxWorx was the marketing arm for the services as well as the data provider. Delivering data with patented Baron technologies, high resolution detail, and meteorologist tested made XM WX Satellite Weather the leading satellite delivered weather service to mobile applications. WxWorx data supplied by Baron Services and worthy of the distiction "Powered by Baron", delivers accurate weather awareness to a vast and growing population of pilots, boaters and public servants in the United States.

Baron Services

Born out of a relationship with the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA), Baron Services was founded in 1990 with a mission to develop life-saving weather tools. In 1992, the company introduced its first street-level storm tracking system, OmniWxTrac, and Baron continues to build on this heritage today with industry-leading display products like FasTrac, VIPIR, StormWarn and now Omni, Baron’s next-generation weather and news platform that combines high-resolution data, worldwide mapping, 3D animations, 3D models and more in a completely renderless environment.

The company is responsible for delivering weather data to clients world-wide. Known for its high-quality data and redundant delivery methods, Baron ensures that its customers receive timely and accurate data, as well as uninterrupted service. Baron-exclusive data products like accurate and timely shear SCITs, innovative visualization of shear threats with exclusive shear markers and the Baron Tornado Index (BTI), which gauges the likelihood of a tornado in any given storm, give Baron’s customers the edge in severe weather situations.

Over 19 years later and more than 100 employees strong, Baron Services’ dedication to saving lives is unwaivered. Every aspect of the company, including its people, research and technology is focused on accurately detecting weather threats, disseminating the information to those who will be affected and envoking an immediate response from those in harm’s way.

Baron Radar

In 1999, Baron Services introduced its first radar developed entirely in house. Since then the company’s radar systems have become the industry standard and are now being shipped worldwide. Built with reliability and long-term value in mind, Baron’s radars are easy to maintain and seamlessly integrate with the company’s Omni, VIPIR and FasTrac displays. Baron Radar clearly leads the industry in the development and installation of dual-polarization technology. In October 2007, Baron Radar was part of a team that won a 5-year, $43 million contract from the National Weather Service to provide the design, development and production services for a comprehensive upgrade of their NEXRAD network to dual-polarization capability. 


Baron Advanced Meteorological systems or BAMS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baron Services, is based in Asheville, North Carolina and supplies automated modeling and forecasting systems to meet each customer's needs.  BAMS performs leading-edge research in atmospheric, environmental and climate sciences to make sure that its systems reflect the best science available. Expanding the frontiers of environmental computing, BAMS is a team of scientist, mathematicians and engineers dedicated to better generating and understanding environmental information.

Baron Mobile

Responsible for launching patented and patent-pending Threat Matrix technology, Baron Mobile, founded in 2008, is the most recent company to be added under the Baron umbrella. The company’s Threat Matrix technology provides pre-analyzed, location-specific weather advisories, warnings and forecasts for the XM NavWeather system, now available in Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Humminbird and Bushnell products.