Our Company Overview

The leading force in mobile weather analysis, WxWorx has developed powerful, innovative technologies for aviation, marine and ground-based applications.

XM Satellite Radio’s selection of WxWorx as data provider for the XM WX Satellite Weather service equipped the radio provider with a respected source of meteorological surveillance applications. Today, WxWorx technology is included as a standard option in over 90% of all airframes produced in the United States. In addition, thousands more pilots, boaters, anglers, emergency responders and storm chasers benefit from satellite-delivered weather accuracy provided by XM WX and WxWorx.

More importantly, we’re not standing still, expanding our product offerings with new innovations to enhance your mobile life. The future, like the horizon before you, is limitless.


Along the way, WxWorx has entered partnerships with technology leaders that saw the need for accurate, timely weather data, and WxWorx as the source.


We are proud to have a trusted, established network of dealers, and are grateful for their support.