What is the XM WX Satellite Weather coverage area?

XM is only licensed to provide XM WX to the contiguous US (all states except Alaska and Hawaii), its territories and adjacent waters. XM's satellite signal reaches into portions of Canada and Mexico; however, XM's XM WX is not currently authorized for sale in Mexico or any other region outside of the contiguous United States and Canada. However, through consumer testimonials WxWorx has determined that the XM signal reaches far beyond the US borders and coastal waters. For Canada, XM Canada is licensed to provide XM WX.

How far outside the continental US is the XM WX weather data available?

XM WX radar data is derived from the 145 ground-based sites in the U.S. NEXRAD network, which covers the contiguous United States, and up to approximately 150 miles outside the borders of the 48 continental states, depending on the actual location of the Doppler radar. The lightning data covers up to approximately 200 miles outside the borders of the 48 States. Other products, such as winds aloft, fronts, infrared satellite mosaic, sea temps and wave heights are generally viewable up to about 500-800 miles outside of the borders of the 48 continental states. Coverage is not available in or around Hawaii. This information should serve as a general guideline with the understanding that while the coverage may well exceed 500-800 miles in some cases, depending on antenna type and placement, we cannot provide specific coverage availability and details for locations outside of the borders of the 48 continental states other than what we have stated here.

Will the WxWorx receiver also give me XM Satellite Radio's music and news programming?

The WxWorx receiver supports both the XM WX Satellite Weather and XM Satellite Radio XM WXs (separate subscriptions required). An audio output jack allows you to patch the audio through to a powered stereo system. If you have both an XM WX weather data XM WX package and XM radio subscription, XM will give you a $3.00/mo. discount on your radio subscription if activated under the same account. You can use the one XM antenna that is provided with your receiver kit to provide a signal to your XM radio receiver. Separate software is required to control audio of WxWorx receiver. Check out WxTunes here.

How long does it take for the WxWorx receiver to become activated for the XM WX service?

This is dependent on how many XM activations are happening when you call. It can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as one hour. If it takes longer than an hour, please call back. Before you call, confirm that the Radio ID number in the main XmLink window matches the receiver you want to activate.