Bluetooth WR-10BT Data Receiver: WxWorx on Wings


The quickest way to get the latest in-flight weather data is a complete bundle with software & hardware. The WR-10 Bluetooth receiver ensures a wireless connection between your PC and Bluetooth-compatible display device.

Bundle includes:

  • WxWorx on Wings software (provided on a USB flash drive)
  • WxWorx WR-10BT Bluetooth receiver
  • Portable XM antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • DC Power Cable
  • DC-AC Converter
  • Mounting hardware

Receiver Specifications:
Dimensions: Approx 2.25”h x 5.25”w x 5.25”d
Voltage: 9-32V DC

Compatible Antennas:
XM Portable Antenna
Comant ComDat GPS/XM antennas

This bundle does not include the Mobile Link. Please see our Mobile Integration listings for Mobile Link combinations.