WR-10 Data Receiver: Ethernet Kit


For pilots looking for the XM WX Satellite Weather solution, but who don’t need the software application, we offer a kit with exactly what you need. The WxWorx WR-10 receiver connects to your display device via an Ethernet cable.

Kit includes:

  • WxWorx WR-10 data receiver
  • XM portable antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • Ethernet cable
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting hardware


Receiver Specifications:
Dimensions: Approx 2.25”h x 5.25”w x 5.25”d
Voltage: 9-32V DC

Compatible Antennas:
XM Portable Antenna
Comant ComDat GPS/XM antennas

This kit does not include the Mobile Link. Please see our Mobile Integration listings for Mobile Link combinations.