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Baron Mobile Link


The Baron Mobile Link is an external accessory to the XM WX Receiver that allows the user to view weather data on mobile devices. By connecting the Mobile Link to the WxWorx receiver via the receiver-specific USB cable, the Mobile Link broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal to up to four mobile devices, and displays XM WX Satellite weather via the device’s browser or partner application.


NOTE: XM WX subscription, WxWorx receiver,  and a partner app are necessary to view weather on mobile devices, and are not included in this package. Refer to individual app providers for specific data product support.

If you have a previous generation WxWorx receiver you may need to purchase an USB cable or module. Identify your WxWorx Receiver Model when making your selection. The first generation receiver (round in shape) uses a standard USB Type B to USB Type A cable. The second generation model REWX9ID requires the USB module.

For more information about the Mobile Link and installation see the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Included in the box:
  • Mobile Link
  • WiFi antenna
  • Mobile Link DC power cable
  • DC-AC converter


Mobile Link Specifications:
Dimensions: 4.4”w x 6.4”l x 1.2”h
Voltage: 12-18 volt DC


Please Note: XM Satellite Radio cannot be broadcast over the Mobile Link.
Configure your order and add a USB cable and a different type of power adapater.