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How do I fix a "NIP Connect Failed" error in my WxWorx software?

The WxWorx software communicates with the XmLink application via the internal TCP/IP network on your computer. In order for the two applications to communicate correctly, the TCP/IP protocol must be installed and active. If it is not already installed, follow your computer manufacturer’s instructions to install this protocol on your computer.

If the protocol is already installed and you are still having problems, a second possibility concerns your personal firewall. Please ensure that the firewall will allow the two programs to communicate. Refer to your firewall manufacturer’s documentation for instructions on how to allow this. 

Can I install the WxWorx software on several different computers?

Any WxWorx software application can be installed on multiple machines. There are some limitations, however.
Satellite-delivered weather data from XM WX requires that the WxWorx receiver is connected to your computer. Internet-delivered weather data will allow only one PC at a time to run WxWorx OnLine. 

Does the WxWorx receiver system and WxWorx software come with a manual?

Yes. A manual is included with the WxWorx receiver. The software manual is part of the install and is in PDF format. If you did not opt to place a shortcut on the desktop during the initial install, you can still access the manual. Go to Start->Programs->WxWorx on Water (or WxWorx on Wings or Mobile Threat Net, depending on install)->(Application type) ->Users Guide, where application type is either Water, Wings or Mobile. The current version manual is also available on each application's software updates section in this website. While there, make sure you have the latest version of the software. The upgrade will also replace the PDF manual with a newer version if the manual has changed.