Support Overview

From technical help and documentation to the lastest sofware releases, our Support section is designed to help make your WxWorx experience easier, faster and better.

Customer/Sales Support

For WxWorx software and hardware support: call 256-319-9679

For expert advice on installing a WxWorx system in your plane, boat  call 321-751-9202. If you need assistance for installation in your vehicle call Cliff Windham at 256-881-8811.

Email Technical Support regarding WxWorx hardware or software.

Interactive Computer Technical Support

Need some assistance? Our desktop streaming service streamlines the support process by allowing WxWorx technical support staff, with your permission, to manually diagnose and operate your software using the Internet. WxWorx support technicians can give you a virtual hand. WxWorx Desktop Streaming

Product Downloads

WxWorx continuously supports its weather software with free updates that improve performance and enhance capabilities. This is the place to find out if a new update has been issued for your software. Also available are user guides and more that help you discover every single capability your system has to offer. WxWorx product download page

XM WX Support

Please contact XM Radio for any XM WX billing or subscription questions at 1-800-985-9200.