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Restless seas can put a damper on your day.

Use WxWorx on Water to ensure a safe and secure voyage.

No matter why you boat, it's all about peace of mind.


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Featuring interactive display of graphical data from XM WX Satellite Weather, including radar, wave conditions, lightning and more, WxWorx on Water allows you to make the most of each voyage, having more fun and being more productive on the water.

Here's how to get started:

Choose a compatible display.

The PC-based WxWorx on Water runs on most marinized computer systems—or even your personal laptop.

Get the WxWorx on Water software.

Visit the WxWorx store, or ask your local dealer.

Connect an XM antenna and the WxWorx receiver.

The WxWorx data receiver provides continuous and reliable datalink delivery without taking up much space. You’ll need an antenna, too—choose the portable XM antenna, or a fixed-mount unit.

Subscribe to the XM WX service.

XM WX Satellite Weather powers WxWorx on Water with reliable, accurate data.

Done! You're ready to go.

Get ready to enjoy peace of mind on the water with XM WX Satellite Weather.