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Fly confidently, thanks to full support for XM WX Satellite Weather

WxWorx on Wings uses the reliable XM WX Satellite Weather service for instant delivery of accurate weather data. From radar and lightning to winds aloft, echo tops and more, WxWorx on Wings makes more informed flying just a click away.

Pilot-friendly interface means less stress, better awareness

Intuitive menus and easy-to-use map controls are designed for the speed of flight. WxWorx on Wings responds instantly to commands, moving you from place to place on the map with ease. Streamlined controls mean it all happens within one or two clicks.

Additionally, you can overlay multiple data products simultaneously for a comprehensive look at weather conditions. Time-lapse the data for a historical understanding of a storm’s development.

Stay on course with optional GPS connectivity

The third generation WxWorx receiver has streamlined operations by integrating a GPS module directly into the receiver, which allows the display to show your plane in context to surrounding weather conditions. The map can be configured to scroll automatically as your flight progresses, keeping your position in the center of the display at all times.

If you are still using the first or second generation receivers, connecting an aviation-standard GPS device to your PC’s USB port allows you to overlay your current position on the WxWorx map.

AutoTrak® alerts warn you of approaching danger

Built-in, exclusive technology called AutoTrac uses GPS and Severe Weather Storm Tracks, which automatically monitor the country for severe weather activity, to alert you anytime severe weather approaches your proximity. Audible alerts let you know your path is projected to intersect with dangerous weather, so you can change your plan accordingly.

Standard navigation aids provide context

At any time, you can overlay TFRs, VORs, DMEs, airports, airways and more on the WxWorx map, and view them with your own GPS position as an overlay.