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Whether as a plug-and-play device or seamlessly integrated into your avionics, XM WX data receivers from WxWorx and its partners are a vital link in the connection between the data stream itself and your choice of display device.


WxWorx Portable Receiver

About the size of a small book, the WxWorx portable data receiver features multiple connectivity options for total flexibility. Its plug-and-play portability allows you to remove it easily for use in another plane. In addition, with a separate powered stereo system, you can use the WxWorx data receiver as an audio receiver for XM Radio.*

Supported antenna:
XM Portable Antenna
COMANT antenna

*separate subscription required

Learn more about the WxWorx Portable Receiver.

Heads Up Technologies FAA-Certified Receivers

The XMD0075 and XMD0076 receivers from Heads Up Technologies allow quick USB connection to a variety of EFB and laptop solutions. Integrated solutions utizling Heads Up receivers are also available for the Avidyne EX500/EX5000 and RockWell Collins ProLine 21.

Supported antennas:
Comant XMRANT-01
Comant XMRANT-02
Comant CI 401-420

Click here to download specifications for the Heads Up certified receiver.

Visit the Heads Up Technologies home page for more information.