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The view from 10,000 feet looks stunning. But what lies beyond?


Approach every flight fully prepared with the most powerful datalink weather system available.


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Featuring radar, lightning, winds aloft and more, WxWorx on Wings supplies your onboard PC with reliable data downlink from XM WX Satellite Weather. Affordable and easy to use, it's the only datalink system offering complete support for the aviation data products within the XM WX transmission.


A few simple steps to outfit your plane, and you're ready to fly:

Select a display.

From tablet EFBs to your current laptop, WxWorx on Wings will run on practically any modern PC.

Get the WxWorx on Wings software.

Visit our online store for a selection of convenient kits and starter bundles, or ask your local dealer.

Connect an XM WX receiver and a compatible antenna.

Available in certified and portable versions, XM WX receivers link your display device with the data-rich XM WX service.

Subscribe to the XM WX service.

XM WX Satellite Weather powers WxWorx on Wings with reliable, accurate data.

Done! You're ready to fly with WxWorx on Wings.

Accurate, meteorologist-tested weather data allows you to conduct each flight with supreme situational awareness.

To learn more about the software for Internet-delivered data, WxWorx OnLine, click here.