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The Freedom 

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Weather Solutions for Marine, Aviation, and Ground

Essential Aviation

Datalink Equipment


WxWorx on Water

Explore new horizons with the easy to use WxWorx on Water® compatible with XM WX Satellite Weather for real-time weather. Use it anytime your sailing the open seas, taking a pleasure cruise or angling for a trophy fish.

WxWorx on Wings

Approach every flight prepared with WxWorx on Wings® and XM WX Satellite Weather - the most powerful datalink cockpit weather available.  Fly with peace of mind knowing you have full situational awareness  at every point from take-off to landing.

Mobile Threat Net

MTN Best OKC Storm Track.JPG
When public safety is a concern and response time is critical, Baron Mobile Threat Net® helps emergency crews and storm spotters get to the right locations safely, with mission-critical weather data delivered by satellite.
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