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  • How do I install the WxWorx receiver?
    For full details, please refer to the installation guide included with your WxWorx receiver. Following is a summary of basic installation steps. 1. Install the XM Weather and/or audio software onto your display device. 2. Place the WxWorx receiver in the desired location. 3. Connect the appropriate data cable (3rd generation receiver) or interface module (2nd generation receiver) of choice. 4. Connect the XM antenna. Make sure it has a clear view of the southern sky. 5. Connect the WxWorx receiver to an appropriate power source. 6. Make the optional audio connection. 7. Activate your XM WX subscription by starting up the XM WX software on your display device. Next, find the 8-digit XM Radio ID printed on the label on the bottom side of the receiver. It is also printed on a label found on the original box. With your Radio ID number ready, call XM’s Listener Care at 1-800-985-9200 to subscribe to the XM WX Satellite Weather. For prompt service, be sure to also have your data package choice and payment option ready when you call. On the initial startup, your receiver should begin receiving data within an hour.
  • Does the WxWorx receiver and WxWorx software come with a manual?
    Yes. A manual is included with both WxWorx hardware and software.
  • Will the WxWorx receiver also give me XM Satellite Radio's audio programming?
    No. However, you can use the one XM antenna that is provided with your receiver kit to provide a signal to your XM radio receiver. WxWorx does not provide a software or hardware option for radio tuning.
  • How does the WR10BT or WR10U get power?
    For USB connections: the USB cable itself supplies power to the receiver, so no external power source is necessary. For Bluetooth, Serial and Ethernet connections: a DC power adapter (supplied with an AC/DC converter in some kits and bundles) is used.
  • What kind of connections does the receiver offer?
    Bluetooth, Powered USB, Serial (RS-232) and Ethernet are the available options. With Bluetooth wireless functionality enables communication between the receiver and a display device.
  • What is the range of the receiver’s Bluetooth signal?
    Approximately 30 meters.
  • What kind of GPS receiver is built into the new receiver?
    The integrated GPS device is WAAS-enabled, which means it provides much higher positioning accuracy than previously available. Note that an external NMEA-compatible GPS antenna is required, as is software that supports the WAAS functionality. In practically all cases, WAAS support will be added via forthcoming software updates. GPS Antenna Requirements: • Type: Active, NMEA-compliant • Connector: SMA • Power Requirements: 50Ω, 2.5V-5V (5V tolerant), max 50mA
  • What is the operating voltage range of the WxWorx receiver?
    The Weather Data Receiver accepts 9-32V DC power input.
  • I am only receiving and displaying some data products. Some data buttons in the WxWorx software are red and will not turn blue/green.
    One potential cause of this is poor satellite signal strength. Bring up XmLink and check the Radio Status area. You can also go to Tools->Counters and check to see how many errors there have been in your reception. If there are any errors in the counters window, check your antenna connection and location. Ensure the antenna has a clear view of the southern sky. Another possibility is that the receiver may not be fully activated. Bring up XmLink and select Tools->Activation Mode. Let the XmLink window stay up until the XM WX Level window indicates the package that you requested from XM Listener Care. If it does not appear or the XM WX Level is shown as "None defined" , contact XM Listener Care at 1-800-985-9200 and request a refresh. When the refresh is being sent, leave the receiver in activation mode until the XM WX Level matches your request, then click the Done button. The receiver should begin ingesting all the data products that are part of your selected package.
  • The XmLink program doesn't show my radio serial number.
    My system was working fine, but now it doesn’t find the radio serial number. The XmLink log window says the software is sending a power-up command to the radio over and over. This is caused by a communication problem between XmLink and the receiver. To troubleshoot this, start by checking your computer’s operating system. Close every WxWorx application, including XmLink. Make sure XmLink is not active in the task bar tray (bottom right corner of most desktops). If it is, right- click on the icon (double arrows facing up and down) and select Exit. Then confirm you want to exit. Open your operating system’s Device Manger to confirm the port is installed correctly. There are two ways you can do this: - Click Start->Control Panel->System. Select the Hardware tab, then Device Manager. - If there is a My Computer icon on your desktop, you can right-click on it. Select Properties. This will bring up the System window. As above, select the Hardware tab, then Device Manager. Once at the Device Manager, click the + sign beside the COM and LPT Ports. With a USB-connected receiver, USB Serial Port (COM X) should be listed as one of the devices. If not, follow these steps: (a) With the USB cable disconnected from the PC, check that the LED on the receiver is alternating between bright red and green. (b) Plug the USB cable back into the laptop and ensure the LED becomes solid green. (c) Check the Device Manager for the "USB Serial Port". If the computer asks you to load a driver or a question mark appears on a "USB to High Speed Serial Device" when the install wizard comes up (either automatically or by right clicking on the device and choosing update driver), choose the advanced option. In the next window, select “ Browse to a location” and point the system at the C:\Program Files\Common Files\VCP_Drivers directory. The wizard should then load the correct drivers. If the LED does not turn solid green or the computer does not recognize the receiver at all, please try only steps (a) and (b) above on another computer to confirm there is a problem with the receiver. If the "USB Serial Port" is present in the Device Manager, try unplugging power to the receiver. The port should disappear. Wait 30 seconds and then plug the power back into the receiver. The port should reappear. If it does, take note of the COM port number. Launch XmLink from Start->Programs->WxWorx on Water (or WxWorx on Wings or Mobile Threat Net (depending on install)->XmLink. Select “Communications Settings” from the Tools menu, and ensure the Com port matches the port number seen in the Device Manager, and that the baud rate is set to 38,400. Another possibility is that sufficient power is not being delivered to the receiver. Make sure that the power supply in use is either one provided by us or if not check that it meets the minimum power requirements, available here. (link to Power requirements question) Other, less common, possibilities for this issue include a virus on your computer. Versions of Hot Sync software used with PDAs have also been known to COM and USB port conflicts. If the problem persists, contact WxWorx Customer Support at 256-319-9679.
  • My XmLink antenna signal indicates > 999 on Sat 1, Sat 2 and Ground."
    This indicates that you are not receiving a signal from any of the XM satellites. First, make sure you have the latest software version installed. Go to the About menu and check the version number. Then visit the software updates page for your WxWorx application to see if there have been any software updates. If new updates are available, download and install them, then try again. If the version number is current, make sure the main XmLink window is not indicating that no antenna has been detected in the Signal Quality section. If you do see that no antenna has been detected, check the antenna connection with the WxWorx receiver. If an antenna has been detected, try moving the antenna to a location where it has a clear view of the southern sky. Another possibility is having the XM antenna and a GPS antenna located too close to each other. If the two antennas are beside each other, move them apart until the XM signal lock becomes solid. If no antenna is detected or the problem persists, contact WxWorx technical support at 256-319-9679.
  • How does Mobile Link Work?
    The Mobile Link device allows users to view XM WX Satellite Weather data on tablets and smart phones utilizing operating systems such as iOS, Android and more. Data can be viewed directly on the user’s preferred browser, or through a compatible app. Produced by Baron, the Mobile Link device is small and unobtrusive, connecting to the WxWorx receiver through a single USB connection. Data is broadcast wirelessly to mobile devices using Wi-Fi. Mobile Link is delivered with it's own weather data viewer which allows for easy and continuous viewing of XM WX Weather data in the cockpit. To learn more visit:
  • Can I use Bluetooth from the WxWorx Bluetooth receiver to connect to my iPad?
    No, the only way to connect wirelessly to an iPad or phone with the WxWorx receiver is to use the Baron Mobile link device. The mobile link generates a Wifi hotspot and allows for 4 simultanous connections.
  • How can I learn more about Mobile Link?
    There is a wealth of information about Mobile Link available on Visit to learn more.
  • What equipment do I need to use the Mobile Link?
    In addition to an XM WX subscription, you need the following hardware components: - WxWorx data receiver* - The Mobile Link unit - A compatible smart phone or tablet – check with your app’s developer to verify Mobile Link support - An XM antenna – if you’re a current subscriber, the XM antenna you already have can be used with Mobile Link applications - Power cable – the cable comes with the Mobile Link device, along with an AC/DC converter that allows you to use either an AC or DC power supply *Compatible receivers: any generation of WxWorx data receiver (including the receiver supplied with Anywhere Map systems), and the Heads Up Technologies XMD-075-01. A compatible receiver requires a USB connection between the Mobile Link and the receiver itself.
  • What kind of data and power connections are used between the XM WX data receiver and my Mobile Link?
    The configuration varies according to the XM WX data receiver being connected to the Mobile Link. This chart depicts the type of hardware needed for each compatible receiver type.
  • How do I update my Mobile Link’s firmware?
    Download the firmware update by executing the steps below: Right-click and save this file to your PC/laptop’s Desktop or Downloads folder. (Note: You cannot update the firmware from an iPad connected to the Mobile Link.) Connect a PC/laptop with the downloaded file to the Mobile Link’s Wi-Fi signal. Open a browser and enter the following URL: Enter username “admin” and password “mobile11”. Click the Mobile Link firmware update box in the lower left of the Mobile Link control panel. Browse to the file on your PC and select to begin your update.
  • What apps work with Mobile Link?
    Currently the following apps integrate XM WX Satellite Weather using the Baron Mobile Link: For iOS: ForeFlight Mobile HD Garmin Pilot GlobalNavSource EFB For Android: Garmin Pilot Baron Mobile Link viewer
  • How do I fix a "NIP Connect Failed" error in my WxWorx software?"
    The WxWorx software communicates with the XmLink application via the internal TCP/IP network on your computer. In order for the two applications to communicate correctly, the TCP/IP protocol must be installed and active. If it is not already installed, follow your computer manufacturer’s instructions to install this protocol on your computer. If the protocol is already installed and you are still having problems, a second possibility concerns your personal firewall. Ensure that the firewall will allow the two programs to communicate. Refer to your firewall manufacturer’s documentation for instructions on how to allow this.
  • Can I install the WxWorx software on several different computers?
    Yes - Any WxWorx software application can be installed on multiple machines. There are some limitations, however. Satellite-delivered weather data from XM WX requires that the WxWorx receiver is connected to your computer.
  • Does the WxWorx receiver system and WxWorx software come with a manual?
    Yes. A manual is included with the WxWorx receiver. The software manual is part of the install and is in PDF format. If you did not opt to place a shortcut on the desktop during the initial install, you can still access the manual. Go to Start->Programs->WxWorx on Water (or WxWorx on Wings or Mobile Threat Net, depending on install)->(Application type) ->Users Guide, where application type is either Water, Wings or Mobile. The current version of the manual is also available on each application's software updates section in this website. While there, make sure you have the latest version of the software. The upgrade will also replace the PDF manual with a newer version if the manual has changed.
  • What is the XM WX Satellite Weather coverage area?
    SiriusXM is only licensed to provide XM WX to the contiguous US (all states except Alaska and Hawaii), its territories and adjacent waters. XM's satellite signal reaches into portions of Canada and Mexico; however, XM's XM WX is not currently authorized for sale in Mexico or any other region outside of the contiguous United States and Canada. Through consumer testimonials WxWorx has determined that the XM signal reaches far beyond the US borders and coastal waters. For Canada, XM Canada is licensed to provide XM WX.
  • How far outside the continental US is the XM WX weather data available?
    The radar data is derived from the 145 ground-based sites in the U.S. NEXRAD network, which covers the contiguous United States, and up to approximately 150 miles outside the borders of the 48 continental states, depending on the actual location of the Doppler radar. The lightning data covers up to approximately 200 miles outside the borders of the 48 States. Other products, such as winds aloft, fronts, infrared satellite mosaic, sea temps and wave heights are generally viewable up to about 500-800 miles outside of the borders of the 48 continental states. Coverage is not available in or around Hawaii. This information should serve as a general guideline with the understanding that while the coverage may well exceed 500-800 miles in some cases, depending on antenna type and placement, we cannot provide specific coverage availability and details for locations outside of the borders of the 48 continental states other than what we have stated here.
  • Will the WxWorx receiver also give me XM Satellite Radio's music and news programming?
    The WxWorx receiver supports both the XM WX Satellite Weather and XM Satellite Radio (separate subscriptions required). An audio output jack allows you to patch the audio through to a powered stereo system. You can use the one XM antenna that is provided with your receiver kit to provide a signal to your XM radio receiver. Separate tuner is required to control audio.
  • How long does it take for the WxWorx receiver to become activated for the XM WX service?
    This is dependent on how many XM activations are happening when you call. It can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as one hour. If it takes longer than an hour, call back. Before you call, confirm that the Radio ID number in the main XmLink window matches the receiver you want to activate.
  • Do I need to have the WxWorx software open to view weather data?
    Yes, the WxWorx software must be open with the receiver connected. Additionally, the XM antenna must have a view of the southern sky, and the receiver must have been activated through XM Listener Care.
  • The receiver’s LED is green, but there is no COM port showing in the Device Manager."
    The problem may be related to power. If the receiver has the correct voltage but not sufficient amperage, the LED will go from red to green when the receiver USB cable is plugged into the computer. In addition, no COM port will appear in the Device Manger and there will be no "found new hardware" statements. To check if power is the issue, connect the receiver to a different power source, connect the USB and look for a COM port in the Device Manager. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the WxWorx technical support team at 256-319-9679 (WORX).
  • My WxWorx software comes up in activation mode when I bring the system back up after not being used for a month or so.
    First of all, make sure you have the latest software downloaded from our website. Any version of XmLink greater than 1.23 has addressed this problem. If the receiver has been inactive for several months, you may need to get a refresh from XM Listener Care at 1-800-985-9200. or entering your Radio ID. Enter Activation mode in the XmLink application to fully activate your receiver.
  • Can I purchase from WxWorx an XM portable antenna for the WxWorx Gen 1 receiver?
    No, this product is no longer available from WxWorx.
  • What GPS devices are compatible with WxWorx software? How do I configure the software?
    WxWorx will accept any GPS that outputs NMEA-compliant or aviation standard data. This generally includes all handheld or panel mounted GPS units. The GPS must be visible to the computer as a COM port. Check with the GPS manufacturer for special cables, connections or setup options to enable this capability. Once the GPS is properly configured and connected to the computer, launch the WxWorx application and go to the Setup->GPS Settings window. Enter the COM port number and baud rate for the GPS. Close the application and then re-launch it for the settings to take effect. If you are unsure of the baud rate, launch HyperTerminal from Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal. Select the COM port that the GPS is connected to and choose the baud rate you expect the GPS to be transmitting. If no data appears or you cannot read the data, check the cables and settings on the GPS.
  • My Holux GM210 GPS device doesn’t seem to refresh correctly, or doesn’t lock onto the GPS satellites."
    There is a known problem with the GPS Viewer software. The small satellite map and position information window on the right side of the display does not refresh correctly. In order to force a refresh, drag another application window, such as a web browser or XmLink, over the right half of the GPS viewer, or open another application on top of it. When working correctly, USB-based GPS devices will correctly lock onto satellites within 45 seconds from a cold start. There is one known issue with the Holux GPS. To test for it: 1) Open GPS Viewer, find the GPS and open the port. 2) Click on Cold Start. 3) Immediately close the connection to the GPS and then Reopen. This forces the cold start. 4) Cold Start is verified by the window on the right showing an incorrect date and all satellites disappearing. 5) The GPS will start looking for a satellite. Within about 15 seconds it should find a satellite and populate the window on the right with numbers running vertically from top to bottom. 6) At this point the problem noted above will start happening, and it won't update the information correctly. Use the procedure above to verify it locks onto satellites, this should happen within 45 seconds with good sky view. 7) If it never locks on ONE satellite and continues cycling through satellite numbers in step 5 there may be a hardware problem with your GPS unit.
  • My DeLorme Earthmate GPS does not work with WxWorx software.
    The DeLorme Earthmate does not initially install as a COM port. Check the DeLorme support page at to confirm if you need a driver installed to allow third-party software to access the GPS. Once you have installed the appropriate drivers from the site, you then need to find your GPS in the Device Manager. It will be listed as an HID (Human Interface Device). Once located, you need to update the driver (right click on the device in the device manager). Select the advanced button in the wizard that comes up, and choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install". From the list that appears, select the COM port driver. This will install the DeLorme Earthmate GPS as a COM port. When you have completed this, look in the Ports section of the Device Manager. You should see a DeLorme Earthmate GPS COM device (COMx). Enter this Com port # in the WxWorx software at 4800 baud and the GPS will be recognized. NOTE: Since DeLorme has updated this driver, we have encountered an issue where the Earthmate GPS may go back to being an HID device once it has been disconnected and re-connected. In this event, you will need to repeat the steps above to reconfigure it as a COM port.
  • I get a "GPS error com X" message when I start my WxWorx software."
    This could mean one of several things: A) No GPS unit is attached to the display device. Ignore the statement and continue to load the WxWorx software. The message will disappear once a GPS device is connected. If you have no plans to attach a GPS device in the future, go to Settings->GPS settings and change the port to "0". This will stop the application from looking for a GPS device when initializing. B) The GPS unit is not appearing as a COM port. Check your Device Manager to ensure the GPS device is associated with a COM port. Go to Start->Control Panel, and double-click the System icon. The System Properties menu will appear. Click the Hardware tab, then Device Manager. Look for the COM and LPT ports, and click on the + symbol next to them. The GPS device should be on one of the listed COM ports. To verify its operation, launch HyperTerminal from Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal. Select the COM port that the GPS is connected to, and choose the baud rate you expect the GPS to be transmitting. If no data appears or you cannot read the data, check the cables and settings on the GPS device. C) The GPS unit is not configured correctly in the Settings->GPS settings menu. Go to the Settings->GPS settings menu and enter the COM port number and baud rate in the locations displayed in the pop-up window. Most handheld or USB-powered GPS units run at 4800 baud while most aviation panel-mounted GPS units output at 9600 baud. Bluetooth GPS units can be configured for several different settings, check the GPS device manufacturer documentation. Once you have set this correctly, exit the window. A window will pop up telling you to restart the WxWorx application. Close the application and re-launch it. The error should not happen again and your GPS button should be blue. D) A second GPS-enabled application is running. A second application (e.g., GPS Viewer, HyperTerminal) is running and has control of the port that the GPS is connected to. Close the second application and restart the display software. If you are running two applications that both need GPS input, you will need a second GPS device. At present, only one application can access a GPS data source at any one time; however, there are some third-party software packages that allow a GPS to be shared between two applications.
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