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About WxWorx

As a Baron company, the foundation of WxWorx’ technological beginnings originate from the aftermath of a deadly tornado outbreak in 1989. The tragedy gave the founding members the focus and determination to increase weather awareness by emphasizing accuracy. As the consumer services arm of Baron Services, WxWorx revolutionized the way pilots fly when the company brought near real-time weather data to the cockpit through a partnership with XM Satellite Radio. The award-winning service, XM WX Satellite Weather, has been successful in the aviation and marine industries.


Today, WxWorx technology is included as a standard option in over 90% of all airframes produced in the United States. In addition, thousands more pilots, boaters, anglers, emergency responders and storm chasers benefit from satellite-delivered weather accuracy provided by the service.

Together WxWorx and XM Satellite Radio (now Sirius XM) brought to market XM WX Satellite Weather. WxWorx was the marketing arm for the services as well as the data provider. Delivering meteorologist tested data with patented Baron technologies and high resolution detail made XM WX Satellite Weather the leading satellite delivered weather service to mobile applications. WxWorx data supplied by Baron Services delivers accurate weather awareness to a vast and growing population of pilots, boaters and public servants in the United States.


About Baron

It’s more than just an accurate forecast. It’s the difference between knowing what might be headed your way and knowing precisely what comes next. Critical Weather Intelligence is insightful, decisive—and it can be the difference between life and death.

Baron was founded in 1988 with a mission to deliver critical weather intelligence to its customers. Today, the company provides weather radar, visualization software, hydrological and roadway modeling, digital solutions and value-added weather data through multiple distribution channels. A privately-owned small business based in Huntsville, Alabama, the company has approximately 100 employees.

Baron designs, develops, installs, upgrades and refurbishes weather radars, including X, C, High S and S-band systems. During the last 20 years, the company has either installed, upgraded, refurbished, or provided 24/7 service and support for over 325 weather radars globally, including the NEXRAD dual-polarization upgrade for NOAA, which was conducted in partnership with L-3 STRATIS. Baron is recognized as a trusted and complete weather solution by its partners and customers; its weather products are relied upon by hundreds of millions of people globally through the company’s government and commercial partnerships. Organizations using Baron visualization software, modeling and weather data in their own products and services include SiriusXM, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Verizon Network Fleet, Toyota, Honda, AccuWeather, and the Weather Network in Canada. All Baron products and services are backed with 24/7 customer support by an in-house team of engineers and degreed meteorologists.

Nearly 30 years later, Baron Services’ dedication to saving lives is unwaivered. Every aspect of the company, including its people, research and technology is focused on accurately detecting weather threats, disseminating the information to those who will be affected and spurring an immediate response from those in harm’s way.

At Baron, our mission remains simple: ensuring that every citizen, every nation, every business, and every family are protected from inclement weather. Through that mission, we can help make your organization more successful. We will always keep looking forward, putting safety first, and making sure that you’re treated as a partner, not a data point.

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