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City Streets® Mapping

City Streets® Mapping


Mobile Threat Net’s localized mapping database provides total flexibility when making any map movements. Out of the box, the system displays major highways and Interstates, along with community names. The optional City Streets® plug-in module goes the extra mile by displaying local roadways in your choice of county. Designed for Mobile Threat Net, the City Streets upgrade adds detailed mapping of local roadways for the county of your choice.


Be sure to enter the county and state desired when you place your order.

  • Radio ID Required

    If purchased as an add on product to a previous purchase you must provide your XM WX Radio ID number, it is required to purchase this item. Please ensure the Radio ID number for your XM WX receiver is included in the notes section during checkout.


    Your order will not ship until the Radio ID number is verified. This could impact overnight shipping requests.



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